She said –
Rise, rise, rise.
If you want to catch me.
“I am the beautiful mistake
You choose to indulge in.”
She plucked the petals
Out of me.
Stuck in some feathers,
In my ears there is a clanking always,
Cacophony of chaos.

She said-
Go deeper within.
If you want your roots inside me.
“You are the balance I prefer
To fall upon when I’m shrivelled.”
I chose her blindfolded,
Before she could show
All her colors to me.
I let her overpower.
On her lips there is a taste always,
Of the life I wish to love.



Amidst the chaos-
There will be love,
Blooming upon a window sill,
Stooping down from lady’s frill,
Whispering slyly into the ears of breeze-
I’ll stand beside you until times freeze.


I am afraid I’ll dream of afterlife tonight.
Vivid, turbulent, a state of confusion,
I shall witness.
I might not fall asleep,
For that fear.
Then I’ll see my walls dance,
In a frenzy preoccupied
With things I’ve committed,
Above that roof I will imagine
Swirling a thousand sins,
Yet to happen.
And if I drink for that fear,
I am afraid I’ll cry.
I am afraid the chains will break lose.
This world is not what it seems,
Not what I had wanted it to be.
Is there a darkness that’s milder?
An afterlife that’s better?



I am yet to be written.
Yet to be stuck on a wall.
Yet to be posted.
I was born blank,
A gust of wind blew me far.
Aghast, I screamed
Underneath the footsteps,
Of a whole sea
In an air filled with neon lights
And dirty nights.
Stripped clean of desires,
I yearn for a touch,
Of caring nimble fingers,
To write down
A body on me.
I had bigger dreams
That tend to get rotten now,
My dog eared corners.
I burn with a significant amount
Of toil,
Uncertainty and self loath.
Hoping from the ashes,
My bits get strewn together.
I am a leaflet,
I float.
Dusted and torn,
My purpose yet to be served,
And I,
To be reborn.


Pain takes the place.
Where my is heart is,
When it’s heavy.
And it rains,
From behind the misted window panes,
I catch fireflies,
In my dreams
That burn in the back .
It’s not easy
To love the empty.
But I have loved the road,
With the subtlety
Of a mad man,
Even when it’s turns,
Tries and takes
My breath away.

One and a half love poem

One and a half love poem.

Lipstick stains,
From last night.
Or the skies drizzling.
Or blame it on
The roses if you like.
I lost one half of my heart,
While the whole of me
Kept spinning.
Blame it on the wine,
If you please,
But I felt it.
A tingling beneath my feet,
And you by my side.
Beautiful dreams,
Highway and city lights,
Or blame it on the breeze
That kissed your curls.
I don’t lie when I say
I melt every time
You hold me tight,
When I’ve always been
A vagabond,
Free in the spirit.

An afternoon under the Frangipani.

That afternoon,
I caught a glimpse of winter,
Splashed in yellow.
She tried to resist it,
But bashfully.
Mischievous twinkle in her eyes.
She knows it’s her lover,
Cooing from a distance.
like a sweet pea
She twirls.
Her lean hands eager to
Close upon her heaving bosom
Brimming with silly connotations
Borrowed from the summer.
Her feet are fickle,
Drunk upon the honey of love.
A bit loft, pressing softly.
Shaking just enough
Till her petals fall.
And Then,
I caught her letting him
Pick up the pieces,
Braid it up and adorn a handful
Into her endless tresses.

Two feet deep

Left to themselves,
In time
Will bloom,
Two feet deep.
Once put up
Though unintended
Will cut through,
Two feet deep.
It breaks my back
Through the day,
The way I toil away,
I would hang through
These but,
I don’t trust myself,
With the direction
I am going.
So, it breaks my heart
Deep into the night,
To find it won’t be long,
Long, before gone.
Before I spend it all wrong.
And lie
Under the meadows,
Two feet deep.

Lone Steps.

Walking down the road below streetlights
When its empty, chills engulfing it’s surface,
Runs down my spine, the scene of void.
Like my life laid down on stable grounds,
Sketched right in front of these very eyes.
A tree along distant sidewalk, stark alone
With its shadow taller than itself, reminds me
Where i stand, how far my roots penetrate.
A crow overhead calls, seeks my attention.
Like many have done; efforts to mask callousness.
With disregard, i flow through, my steps echo
From the effects of not being heard a long way.
Morning sun waits to be discovered somewhere,
Till then, I engulf the night air surrounding,
In smoke and move along the street.

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